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The Best Hair Braiding in Decatur GA is Sasha Best Braids - Hair Braiding salon in Decatur GA. Our customers say we are the best African hair braiding shop in the Decatur GA area. We are located at: 4189 SNAPFINGER WOOD DRIVE SUITE D Decatur GA 30035. We offer Hair Braiding Coupons in Decatur GA, hair Braiding Deals in Decatur GA, Hair Braiding Discounts and Offers. At Sasha Best Braids - Hair Braiding salon in Decatur GA Salon we specialize in all African Hair Braiding Styles. We offer V.I.P Hair braiding for our V.I.P customers allowing them to get a no waiting service. Call us to inquire and get the details. 404-578-5636

Best Hair Braiding salon in Decatur GA, Sasha Best Braids - Hair Braiding salon in Decatur GA features a cosy and relaxing salon where your Hair braiding experience is nothing but the best. Our patrons make sure that you are comfortable and strive everyday to give you nothing short of the best Hair braiding eperience you've ever had. From an assortment of popular hair braiding styles to custom Hair braiding designs you are sure to look your best everytime you leave our salon.
Sasha Best Braids - Hair Braiding salon in Decatur GA Located at , Decatur, GA 30032 Phone: 404-964-2432. . /css-sep/assets/sasha-best-hair-braiding-in-decatur-ga/logotop.png. http://www.sashabestbraids.com/sasha-best-hair-braiding-in-decatur-ga//sasha-best-hair-braiding-in-decatur-ga/location. Cash, credit card $40 - $50
Sasha Best Braids
Ultimately the Top Hair Braiding Shop in Decatur GA
Hair Braiding Shop rating: 5 out of 315 ratings
Sasha Best Braids
5 stars - "The best hair braiding salon in Decatur GA." It is 2015, and we set out on a journey to uncover the best hair braiding salon or shop in Decatur GA. First of all, why did we pick Decatur GA? Well for one Decatur GA boasts arguably the best concentration of Hair Braiding shops in the State GA. Many clients especially in the African America community mentioned Decatur as one of their top destinations when it comes to the getting your Hair braided in GA. So our team went out to test and experience many of the shops in the Decatur GA area. We perused a total of 30 Hair braiding salons in the area. Our criteria is simple, we want the cleanest, the best customer service, the best amenities and above all the best quality hair braiding period! So we sent our team of 5 beautiful women to book an appointment at the varied stores and go for their hair braiding experience in GA. What we found out immediately is that many of them do not even have a website and only few have a well done professional website. Places like Yvonne Hair Braiding, Sasha Best Braids, Shasha Hair Braiding, Bah Hair braiding and Lima Hair Braiding have a top notch website that is quite sophisticated with featured ranging from Online appointment, Coupons, Reviews, Eye candy photo galleries and even video blogs. We were quite impressed. For these mentioned salons, it was easy then to book our appointment online. We were even more delighted when we got a call back from Sasha Best Braids and Yvonne Hair Braiding to confirm our appointment. Many of these salons are African owned and the accent appeared to bother us a bit. But Sasha was very articulate and spoke good, relaxed and clear English. At this stage we have managed to book 10 appointments at individual Hair braiding salons in Decatur and are ready to see what they are made of. In the part 2 of our experiment, we will go to these salons and see how our testers are received and get the initial impression. We will check for things like the cleanliness of the place, the reception and customer service. Stay on your seat as we get ready to unveil PART 2 of our hair braiding experiment. Stay Tuned..
Sasha Best Braids
5 stars - "I love Sasha hair braiding salon in Decatur GA." They braided my hair on time and without any hassle. Sasha was very courteous and gentle. Thx Sasha
Sasha Best Braids
5 stars - "Great job! I recommend Sasha hair braiding salon any day." Just WOW. The salon is clean unlike many of the other Hair braiding salons in the area. Usually my hair hurts after braiding but not with Sasha. They were very gentle and cared if I was OK. Sasha Best braids is my favorite hair braiding salon in Decatur GA
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- decatur ga - Sasha Best Braids

- decatur ga - Sasha Best Braids

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